Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Real-time Tracking on Google Maps

Following on from the previous Python code to plot Google Maps on your mobile from your GPS position, the next natural step was to do the reverse - have someone follow your position on Google Maps based on your current GPS location.

Extending the Python Symbian application to post the GPS data periodically was quite straightforward. As it turns out, the biggest challenge is in getting the GPRS or 3G link operating in a reliable manner. Different worker threads help, especially as links can get re-negotiated as you move between cells.

To help with keeping track of things on Google Maps, it's been useful to put a website up that can keep locations and trips in a database, and plot them on Google Maps. It is not official or authorised by Google in any way, and relies on Google allowing third party access to their maps by others, but www.gmaptrack.com gives a point-and-click interface to testing things out with Google Maps.

The Symbian application should be release in the next few days. In the meantime, you can follow some beta testing here


Blogger Chris said...

This is all fantastic. I did something similar using a commercial app, but I've been waiting for someone to write a Python version for ages. Any chance of getting your code?

See http://www.anti-mega.com/antimega/archives/001143.html

1:46 AM  
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